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Hi, we're My Pace

If decades of fitness fads and crash diets have taught us anything, it’s that no two bodies are the same! So why would we train them the same? At My Pace, we’ll offer you a structured workout designed to challenge every body type, but we’ll also give you all the tools you need to make it your own, thus ensuring that your fitness plan suits your body and your needs!


At My Pace, our goal is two-fold. First it's to be a come-as-you-are-and-do-what-works-for-you kind of place. It’s your workout, no one else’s! And second, it’s to go a step further than just training. When we train, we want to practise enjoying the process of exercising and doing it primarily because it makes us feel good. We train because we love our bodies, not because we hate them!


If you’re still not sure what to expect at My Pace, just picture meeting up with a group of your friends to do a workout outdoors. We do mostly body-weight training, learn loads of new exercises together and, whenever possible, we do it outdoors. That’s it! No new fad, no ridiculous promises. We get together regularly, we enjoy ourselves and we encourage each other as we go after our own goals - no matter what they are!

Our Trainings

This is me

Our Team

Jason is the founder of My Pace and currently coaches all the events offered. He counts himself lucky to be passionate about quite a lot of things, but two of his biggest passions are teaching and sport - and combining the two is all he was really trying to do when he created My Pace.

He draws on many years of his own training in various sports when he creates the workouts for My Pace and relies on his internationally recognised Sport and Fitness Trainer certification to ensure that he offers the highest level of training both in terms of the good you’re doing for your body and in terms of safety.

He looks forward to welcoming you to this amazing fitness community and would love to hear from you if you have any questions still unanswered!

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