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We're so glad you're here! On this page, you'll find all the classes, sessions, workshops and other events we're organising. We're still very new here, so we're especially glad you found us so quickly! But don't worry, we've been gathering experience and trying out different things since the spring of 2018 and we're ready for you!


My Pace is a fitness community where members can try new things, where they are encouraged to do that at whatever pace makes them comfortable, and where they can do all of that outdoors, in the fresh air, and surrounded by trees and grass.

If you're curious to know more, keep reading!

My Pace started as a social initiative that had the goal of connecting English speakers in Vienna through some healthy outdoor time and fun exercise - and we have every intention of staying true to that goal! So if you're wondering what to expect at your next session, imagine a group of really friendly people that get together in the park and have a good time moving, running, and jumping around. The groups are always led by an experienced coach who sets the pace and makes sure everyone understands the exercises - but who never rushes you and who definitely has no intention of pressuring you to go beyond your comfort.

There's a lot of talk around about nothing growing in a comfort zone, but we noticed that every natural thing only ever really flourishes in an environment that is hospitable, so we'll just be here; comfortable, happy, and flourishing.



That being said, there is a fun and slightly wicked competitive side to some of our members and while My Pace has never and will never be about measuring yourself by others, if a fun and healthy rivalry is what you're looking for, you might just find it here. And we say have at it! We only want it to be fun for you, fun for everyone around you and healthy for your body. Beyond that, our events are what you make them.

So when you join us, as we hope you do, remember that My Pace is, first and foremost, a community. That means it's your space to do with as you please! And as long as you respect everyone else's way to their health, you can come as you are and take whatever you like from our events!



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