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Fun gun-show after great My Pace functional training on the Zirkuswiese of the Wiener Prater with welcoming, nice group of locals




The home of fundamentally different functional training

My Pace HIIT Group Welcoming beginners to an outdoor functional training

It's up to you now!

It's always going to be you training, so it's always your choice

At My Pace, we won’t force you…to do anything really. Here, you’re part of a welcoming community that comes to train because they know it makes them feel good. It’s not about shame and it’s not about guilt, it’s about rediscovering that joy moving used to give us once upon a time. At My Pace, you will still see exercises you’ve seen before and we will still give you a structured, well-researched workout every time! But we’ll also give you all the tools you’ll need to make the workout your own. And that’s what makes all the difference!


You have nothing to worry about or be scared of. Just come and have fun!


What We Do

All our Group Training can be booked right here, from the Trainings tab above!
Our Personal Training is always created uniquely for each client, so get in touch with us in whatever way works best for you and let us create a program that gets you exactly the help you want and need!
If you're an employer looking to set up a training plan for your team, or you're part of a team and you'd like to suggest Corporate Fitness to your employer, feel free to get in touch with us and we can create an offer tailored to you!

What "My Pacers" Say About Us

Woman happy after My Pace outdoor functional training

Lisa F.

My Pace is a place for everyone enjoying moving outside, surrounded by really nice people and a passionate and very knowledgeable trainer. You‘ll just get the right amount of motivation and push to follow through the exercises. Just take a sneak-peak to one session - there is space for every exercise level and prior knowledge.

My Pace community member welcoming beginners to holistic, balanced High or Low intensity functional training near the Donau

Gerardo M.

Working out with "MyPace" is really cool, as a trainer he goes the extra mile explaining the exercises to newcomers, if a movement is not optimal for your body he has alternatives in mind; for more advanced people or regulars, there is always the option to increase the pace or do a harder variation of the exercise. I find all of that really cool, as it allows people with different fitness levels to feel included, to workout with others and above all, to keep the motivation going.

Woman ready for outdoor HIIT workout in the Wiener Prater, 1020 Vienna

Jennifer E.

My pace workouts are super fun and I am lazy at sports + a beginner. Jason is a great trainer and during sessions he always reminds you of posture, pace and not overdoing it. Its like having a personal trainer but in a fun group.. very attentive! I felt very welcomed, so no matter if you’re advanced or newbie definitely go check it out :)

Of course, you can find out more on Instagram too


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