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Our Weekly Group Fitness Classes and Pricing Plans at My Pace

Welcome to My Pace! Discover our trainings held five days a week in the beautiful Wiener Prater. Let the fresh outdoors sweep you out of Vienna for an hour and away from your daily stresses!

Each training is given its own fun name by us, but with the exception of our Friday yoga sessions, all our trainings are based on around one idea. The idea that movement was once fun for us and somehow became a chore - and that we don't accept that! In every session, we bring our unique blend of playful and mindful elements to give you your fundamentally different functional training! Expect HIIT, strength training with your own body weight and absolutely no seriousness!

Explore below to your heart's content to find the perfect class for you and always feel free to get in touch in any way if you have any questions!

Our Schedule

Our Schedule

Choose your pricing plan

Find the one that works best for you

  • Single Session

    Valid for 3 months
  • Schnupperstunde / Trial Session

    Valid for 3 months
  • Schnuppermonat / 30 Day Trial

    Valid for one month
  • Block of 10

    Valid for 12 months
Our Prices
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