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What We Do

Your training. Your way.

Outdoor Gruppentraining

Group Training

Here we've built up a whole variety of amazing offers for you! Outdoor workouts with friends you know or friends you're about to meet! We have HIIT-centred workout sessions, workouts where we try any and all structures, and workouts where we just play!

The focus at My Pace is always balance, health and fun. You just bring yourself and we'll make sure there's a workout that's right for you and that brings you a nice, big step closer to your fitness goals!

We do almost exclusively bodyweight exercises and always create the workout with all the fitness levels in mind, so no one gets left behind!

Personal Training

Get the most out of your training with 1-on-1 sessions with your coach!

Together, we'll review your goals, decide which exercises are best suited to reaching those goals and put them together into a training plan specifically tailored to you! From there, we'll work through the execution of those exercises together so we can maximize their usefulness while minimizing injury. 

We can also gladly tailor the offer to you if you want to train together with your partner or a small number of friends under the supervision of a coach - just get in touch and we'll find a solution that works for you!

My Pace Personal Training
Corporate Fitness Workout

Corporate Fitness

We love working with companies! We know your employees are committed to your success and it makes us so happy to see companies that are equally dedicated to their employees' health and wellbeing. 

Our collaboration with companies takes one of two forms: either we can host workouts exclusively for your team or teams in a location of your choice (including public spaces) or you can gift your employees sessions in our dynamic and fun group sessions by pre-purchasing them. This gives your employees the freedom to attend sessions as it suits them.

We are always happy to create bespoke solutions for your teams, so feel free to get in touch and we will find a solution that suits your needs and wishes!

OCR Training Plans

As Team My Pace, we've had an amazing OCR season and we'd love to share our learnings and experience with you! 

Whether you're looking at joining your first or tenth OCR event, we have a plan that can help you avoid injuries and make the most of your race day.

The plans are tailored to your needs and can be combined with our group trainings on demand; so just let us know where you are in your OCR journey and we'll find the perfect plan to get you where you want to be!

OCR Functional Training
Group Training
Personal Training
Corporate Fitness
OCR Training
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